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Davo Sthebané, his relationship with Givenchy and why everyone dresses in black

Davo Sthebané, his relationship with Givenchy and why everyone dresses in black


Davo is the only ambassador for Givenchy make up in Mexico. His Instagram feed is composed of two kind of posts: great editorial work where he’s done his jobo r pictures of him with his distinctive black beanie hat. He says that not even his closest friends recognize him without it and he’s been perfecting his craft foro ver 15 of his 32 years, seven of them in Mexico City and two of those with Givenchy. Ever since he began working for the brand, they’ve raised from #12 in sales to #6, but it hasn’t been easy and he didn’t do it all by himself.

What’s what you most like to do in your job?

Editorial make-up. You can play with everything. We now have lots of freedom to do whatever with textures and colors. They used to ask for the same every time, but now I love to play with textures and skins. Besides, with that freedom we end up getting better results than the ones on the moodboard some people send you over.


Why make-up?

I originally wanted to be a Singer and I auditioned for thousands of stuff behind my parent’s back because they wouldn’t allow that. My sister used to take me to that and I made it sometimes, but it was difficult for me to decide between singing or make up. MAybe in the future I’ll become an underground singer…

Kinda like the Mancandy of make-up artists…

Exactly like that. Well, thing is my parents wouln’t allow the singing, so I began working for this renowned family that did hair and I kept on studying high school. Them I went to Barcelona and opened my own hair salón right before turning 19 in Monterrey while studying Bussines but school was way boring for me. I spent most time at my hair salón and that’s when I started doing make-up, doing very comercial stuff for private clients. Can you imagine Monterrey 10 years ago? There was no fashion there and when I came to Mexico City I started falling in love with it…

So you came here for work or pursuing your dreams?

I used to come here a lot for work, I loved the city ‘cause it’s awesome. I also lived through a rough time for Monterrey because of insecurity and it all went downhill. I came for a project I was invited to but luckily for me it didn’t work, so I realized I really needed no one to work and I freelnaced for the next five years and you know one thing takes you to the other… I was almost two years doing make up for a tour, doing celebs, then editorial and now that’s what I do.


So now who’s your favorite people to work with?

When I recently moved here I used to do a lot of work for Marie Claire and I loved it. It was such a great team and now they’re all doing big things in fashion. I used to work a lot with Álvaro Montaño, Alejandra Arango, Alicia León and they did spectacular work. Now I love working with InStyle and also with independent magazines that take this creative side to bigger levels. I love stepping into that world of people that have their own identity. L’Officiel is really cool and very, very modern.

And with that curriculum, how did the Givenchy stint come to be?

It started two years ago, but I didn’t want to do it at first. I didn’t want to become “the guy from Givenchy” as it happens in make up. Years before that I used to work for a German brand and the brand always came before me. The first time they contacted me I said no and they insisted a bit because of a girl that w orks for them and she send me lots of information about the brand. She’s now a close friend. They never had an ambassador for Mexico and they gave me the freedom to do whatever I pleased because they wanted someone young. I also realized I identified a lot with the brand because of that dark side and the brand’s DNA won me over, but the most important thing is that I keep being me working with them.


And what’s happening with all the changes now that Riccardo left the brand?

It’s a lot. Givenchy works as a very big pyramid and he knew exactly where he was taking it aesthetically. Now that’s changing back to the roots of the house, but we still have a lot of creative freedom. We tropicalize everything when it comes to campaigns that we get from Paris, that’s our job. One thing is that a fashion person knows about the changes within a brand like Givenchy, but most buyers don’t, so we make it even easier for them.

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So, when it comes to your personal style, why are you always dressed in black? It is something that throws me a lot about life, that fashion folks and whomever gravitates, always dresses in black. Why is that?

Well, it has a lot of connotations, it’s safe to say everyone in fashion dresses in black. Yes, it is the most basic and the easiest thing to wear and I actually think I shouldn’t, but I cannot not do it. I love black, it is quite a revealing color and makes me feel very secure. In every sense. It’s hard, no?

I’m not saying it’s bad or anything…

I admire anyone who dresses in colors, because I couldn’t do it. The most colorful thing I wear is something like raisin color. I am dark! Probably my soul is dark, but also black is a great color if you carry it well. I do understand that everyone looks the same, though.

So who’s your favorites to wear?

There’s a lot of cool mexican brands: C Cavalier, Ocelote has great stuff…


And your favorite ítem?

Black jeans. I have like 30 pairs and probably everyone thinks it’s the same one, but it is the only thing I buy. I love asymetrics. I try not to look like everyone in black. I cannot leave the house without my black beanie either. Mi llok is a black beanie, a shirt, black jeans and black boots.


Hecho en México.

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