How many black pants do you really need in your closet?

The male closet is identified by only having the basics. Most of the men only have in their closet the classic garments and those that will always get them out of trouble…

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Sleeping more could be the solution to lose weight without exercise

Saying that sleeping more is the solution to many problems we have caused due to insomnia and bad days of rest is one of the tips that we always tell others and that, surely, less apply to our lifestyle. We can go carefree…



The 2000’s fashion is more important now than ever

If my math is correct – but its likely to be wrong, thats why I write about fashion – the 2000’s are old enough to have their own comeback (also making us feel very old, for those who are old enough to realize…


5 things you have to do if the first gray hair has come out

Has your first gray hair come out? It’s not that bad. Celebrate it. Perhaps, it is a moment feared by some, but believe us, many people with baldness would like to be in that place. The gray hairs at some point in our…

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