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5 brands – Mexican and international – to buy the viral accessory: the waist bag

5 brands – Mexican and international – to buy the viral accessory: the waist bag


One of the hype accessories of the moment is, undoubtedly, the waist bag. This practical, simple and controversial accessory has been with us since the 90s and had not evolved thanks to its usefulness and functionality for sports and recreational looks, mainly. However, thanks to the new aesthetic wave that has permeated almost all menswear brands around the world, this style icon from the last decade of the last century has emerged from the ashes to make its stellar appearance at a time when popular culture takes over the garments of past generations to give an upgrade them to the routine of contemporary man.

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From seasons ago, the kangaroo, waist bag, fannypack – choose the term that best suits you – has stood out in fashion shows and collections of brands such as Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Supreme, Gucci, Valentino, Prada and Hermes; and low-cost brands such as Zara and ASOS. And is that thanks to the streetwear and Dad’s Look this accessory has gone from being an object nerd and exclusive of the man “loose” to be a statement object in our daily looks, then, the possibilities of carrying the waist bag are endless: with a pair of sneakers and carrot-cut jeans, cross-over suits to give a formality and waist turn as a belt in sporty looks. In any of its applications, for sure, the result will be fresh and dynamic.

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To make the accessory of the moment it is important to analyze the usefulness of this. The presentations range from denim or slightly airtight materials to retro-style waist bags: leather with gold closures, black leather or, going to strangers, in neoprene or with applications. Each style and version serves a specific look. For this reason, we list 5 brands (Mexican and international) that offer moneylenders within their stock.


This emerging brand of leather goods and footwear fuses the best quality leather with elegant designs and structured waist bags, wallets and some useful accessories for today’s man. Among his designs, LOLA Belt Bag stands out in a “unisex” format and molded on cowhide in different colors: coffee, black and navy are the favorite tones of his male clients.



With a manual confection and using cured skins, Ariana Castellanos, offers some accessories for men. Fannypacks, small wallets and passport covers are part of his proposals that try to conquer the taste of the skin-loving man and his finishes.



Since a couple of collections ago, the Italian house, has relied on the practicality of the waist bag to design the ideal accessory for any outfit. Valentino opts for a discreet and somewhat cylindrical design to create a fannypack faithful to the elegance of the firm. The materials and finishes can be seen in luxury leather in black.

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The Roman firm opts for waist bags in its XL version and in skins dyed in explosive tones, such as yellow. From a single zipper that goes from end to end, the accessory becomes much more spacious and practical. His belt that wraps the torso and simulates a safety belt gives the street touch to the outfit.

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Of simple design, Gucci presents two versions of waist bags of medium size, alone, applying the logo trend – making use of the graphic identity of the brand. The offer is simple and in two opposite but complementary colors: black and white.

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