5 things you have to do if the first gray hair has come out

Has your first gray hair come out? It’s not that bad. Celebrate it. Perhaps, it is a moment feared by some, but believe us, many people with baldness would like to be in that place. The gray hairs at some point in our life, in short, will have to appear. If the beginnings of the thirties begin to appear, genetics is playing in your favor (always positive), so going against it is not always the best option. Let’s be honest: a bad dye and novice application will end up looking much worse than a pair of gray hair.

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Thinking about the trends of hair styles also comforts. Currently, most celebrities and men with more style have opted to dye their hair blond or platinum, imitating a hair full of gray hair. And we do not say it with the intention of making you feel good, but you will not have to worry about others anymore. However, if all the above is insufficient to make you change your mind, and you continue with the firm decision to hate the first one, here are five useful tips that will help you overcome this difficult moment.


Honestly, it is false to say that pull out the first gray hair will begin to appear more. If you want to eliminate the small white lines on the hair, the best decision will always be to cut or dye them. The only thing you will achieve with pulling off the gray hair will be to damage the follicle. This can have consequences if you do it frequently. Always choose to cut them.

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Always look for a shampoo and conditioner that enhance the shine of hair. By changing the products for others that strengthen their texture and brightness, the gray will begin to acquire a silvery tone; moving away from the pale gray we hate. No shampoo will make gray hair disappear, but there are products that improve its appearance.


With the appearance of the first gray hair, dye your hair will be premature. If you only have specific areas, compare the natural color of your hair with offers of dyes that exist in the market. Always remember to apply little product and distribute it evenly. However, if there are only a few gray hairs, apply the dye with a soft bristle brush.

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One of the least used products in the hair care routine is hair oil. A few drops of oil, mixed in a daily gel or wax, will soften the hair. In addition, it will relax the thickness and texture of the new gray hair, making it look healthier, more vibrant and more platinum-plated.


It is always good to embrace changes. If you accept the gray hair, over the years, you will learn to take advantage of them, and thus, you will begin to experience different hair styles with the help of them. Even silver hair can become an important part of your personality; looking much more manly and attractive. One important fact: black glasses look better with a platinum hair.

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