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5 reeeal trendy celebritiy haircuts: according to Instagram

5 reeeal trendy celebritiy haircuts: according to Instagram


The final stretch of the year is beginning, and receiving the new season with a radical change may be the best way to celebrate it. In these last months the temperatures begin to descend gradually; new season, new clothes and trends, but also hair styles that can be worn in Fall-Winter 18.

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Haircuts have always been a reference of aesthetics or masculine elegance and is that not only represents a care and attention to detail of this, but also exposes the style of each man. This particular way of communicating who we are, without need to say it, is summarized in a number of cuts and styles that adapt to the needs and tastes of each person.

We summarize 5 styles that have adopted some of the most influential men, around the globe, and ranging from long hair to the pure style of Jesus Christ Superstar to shaved heads as a combat military.


After having identified him with his long hair and eighties style, thanks to Luis Miguel the series, Diego Boneta is going for short hair and tousled tips. The little effort – apparently – of this look makes it quite casual and relaxed. Apply a little wax and play with your hair until you get the desired texture.


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Otro día en el paraíso!

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After years of being a style democratized by the hipster wave; the male bun is still present. At least that’s what Maluma dictates. The singer decided to give a radical change to his previous look, now, with a more sloppy version.

If you have a lumberjack beard and want to add a practical hairstyle, this is the ideal option. For a better finish always take care of the appearance of the beard: relax it and keep everything in place, so, the look will look aesthetic and not neglected.


Short hair will never cease to be a badge of the classic gentleman. However, the constant renewal in shaving techniques directly influences new styles. It is advisable to wear a fade (faded) around the head and leave the hair slightly long in the top. Combining it sideways with wax will always be favorable for a neat and elegant finish.


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before anything else

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The Italian rapper, recently married to Chiara Ferragni, swore eternal love very true to his style. His hair slightly disheveled, but short, makes this hairstyle much cleaner and tidy. To highlight features, this cut has no beard.


Shaving is already a classic – and not only in bets – the comfort and functionality of this style makes it quite practical for any occasion. Always wear your trimmed beard at the same level as your hair to obtain a visual harmony. Word of Zayn.







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