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7 clothes that you have to buy during the Winter Sale

Speaking of the sales season for the male audience is very different from the female sector. For them, discounts represent the best opportunity to get the most garments and accessories, while men, rebates only mean a bit of savings when buying the clothes that we usually need. The period of sales, for low-cost chains and almost all departmental stores coincide in January. The opening of the winter discounts becomes the ideal option to make us the pieces that will accompany us the rest of the season. Learning to buy becomes essential to invest our money well.

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The best advice when buying a garment is: “to each brand you have to buy what you do best”. This statement is more than effective; even more, in the sales season. Of course, in addition to identifying the strength of each firm, it is necessary to analyze what garments we really need in our day to day, and not just in the closet. Unquestionably, the basics will always be the most effective purchases during the sales. Timeless pieces that will serve us for a long time, without losing their validity. Therefore, we list 7 pieces that you must buy during the sale season.


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Buying a suit is synonymous with investment. Doing it in blue is lengthening that investment for much longer. The blue suit, being a key piece of the wardrobe background, is adapted and combined with different shades of shirts, ties and more accessories. Also, it can be used with shirts and sneakers in a more casual version.


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It is always necessary to have a trench coat in our life. Investing in a piece of this level is important, then, its quality in finishes and textiles will depend on its life span. Always consider international firms to make a good trench because its validity has no expiration date.


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How many white shirts does a man need?: the answer depends on the lifestyle of the man. The white shirt represents what the “Little Black Dress” means for women, because we will always find a shirt with a different cut, with softer materials or with details, like buttons, more sophisticated.


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Cashmere is one of the most valued and scarce goat wool. Its price is relatively high, but its quality is exceptional, both in tact and visually. Making a sweater of this material will be the best investment in outerwear of aesthetic format.


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Since the overthrow of the empire of skinny trousers; the trouser pants have become more popular. Buying one or two pants in this format will allow us to create interesting combinations for our office and leisure looks.


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To buy a leather jacket is necessary to know the classic styles and that will never lose validity. The most iconic are: the biker jacket, shearling jacket or the harrington jacket.


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This garment, both in summer and winter, can be used and combined in the best way. Although in the winter season some of the brands update the design with poles in knitting, there will always be options in cotton to buy in winter and use them throughout the year.

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