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8 blue denim pieces for summer

8 blue denim pieces for summer


Denim is possibly the most democratic fabric, and if its not the most versatile, it is for sure the most modern because of its easy way  and quickness at the time of wearing it. As the all time favorite of casual and cool, denim is the most worn fabric in the world – mostly in the shape of jeans more than anything else. Raw denim is my favorite fabric ever and the search for that perfect pair of jeans is never , no matter what world wide trend you may be following:   skinny or baggy (baggy jeans are the best kind of jeans), straight or fitted, pants are very problematic. CK Jeans has its instant classics in the shape of a Canadian tuxedo embellished with a bold white stripe on the side of the pants and on the pockets contrasting with the shirt, but not to be repetitive in the team, we selected eight blue denim pieces that we love and you can find them online with worldwide shipping:


This very logomaniac jacket is by Tommy Hilfiger and you can find it here with 40% off.


This shirt by Zara styled just like that with those pants makes and excellent look. Find it here.


In the same page we founded this light denim shirt . Click here to find it.


This total look is by Paloma Lira, and if you like to support local designers, this shirt is a great option. You can order here, where you can also find the same jacket worn by Chumel Torres in our cover for the number 01 issue.


Following the main trend in our first issue, we think this dad like denim bermudas by Zara  are perfect for a sunday look. Find them here.


Or this shorts by H&M in case it gets warmer. Here.


We like to believe that this pair of jeans by Zara are a little bit Junya style, because of its cut and its extra long length to roll up and instantly add that cool factor. Click here.


And this pair by ASOS are the coolest ones we had found. They come from the U.K., but you can order them here.




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