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Basic rules to combine your polo shirt with a tailored suit

All the garments of sports essence, with the passage of the years, have advanced making their way among the clothes of more strict codes. In these times, the best partners in a suit are white tennis shoes. This evolution has allowed clothing designed for athletic activities to join the DNA of casual and utilitarian clothing, even entering the most elegant garments of the wardrobe. A bomber jacket, in a straight pants look, oxford shoes and white shirt matches perfectly and does not interfere with the sober properties of the rest of the garments. The same goes for the polo shirt; an iconic piece designed as a functional uniform for the days of the sport of the same name in the 19th century.

Photo: Cortesía Zara

The polo shirt is one of those essentials in the wardrobe: an essential piece that has accompanied us every Friday, informal, to the office, and more casual outings. The great inheritance of René Lacoste went from being part of the uniforms of polo uniforms to the wardrobe background of men. So much so that firms like Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Canali, Dries Van Noten and Valentino constantly (not to mention that in all of our collections) remind us that the replacement of the white shirt is precisely a knit shirt. Two pieces that fit perfectly and face the contemporary formality.

Photo: Cortesía Zara

The flagship piece of the preppy aesthetic and the Ivy League was made in pique fabric, much heavier looking than you know today. The fibers of cotton and fabrics like the chambray are the new technical components of the reinterpretations of the Polo shirt. Multicolored stripes, window-like paintings, polka dot prints and graphics of different sizes make up the relaxed face of this garment. However, to combine it with a suit the secret lies in solid colors and discreet and classic patterns; as the lines.

Photo: Cortesía Zara

To combine the shirt as an expert, you should consider the color range historically related to the elegance of the suits. We speak of black, marine, white and gray. Making the right match of the polo shirt under a blazer will depend on the color of the top garment: for example, a navy blue blazer fits perfectly with a white polka dot polo shirt for a day look and with gray shades for the night. For less strict results, follow the rule of the colors of the classic shirt is ideal; that is, if for a certain sack or suit you wore a pink, lilac or blue shirt, the same rule applies, but with polo shirts.

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