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Don Benjamin: modeling is a medium

Don Benjamin has a following of 2.1 million over Instagram, which, by millenial standards, make him a supermodel. Of course such following does not come from nowhere, hes’ been through  the ANTM bootcamp, he’s been on music videos and blue chip campaigns ever since his rise to mainstream media and on this new supermodel era, it’d be foolish not to play the game in your favour.

Foto: Balthier Corfi

Don Benjamin was born in Minnesota, but now lives in LA -I interviewed him over the phone while he was driving with his girlfriend- where he says everything is closet to him when it comes to his music and modeling.

“People don’t know I was doing music before modeling, but modeling took off first so it’s also a great medium to show people my work and make them pay attention.”

Foto: Balthier Corfi

His tenure on ANTM was cut short before one of the episodes where the models had to do a GUESS Campaign before the finale, but it also came with a silver lining for him: way back -way before ANTM- he applied for a job in one of the stores and didn’t get it. Now he’s been the main subjects on one of the campaigns for the brand. “I mean, it is one of my favorite campaigns because Guess has always been the standard for career-making campaigns and it was such an amazing experience, because I love Paul and they treat me like family! Being a tattooed model and being able to knock that off long ago was such a blessing.”

Foto: Balthier Corfi

Fashion is full of missconceptions but Don Benjamin has learned to overcome:
“When I was on ANTM they made it see like every photographer is an asshole and every shoot is stressful and you only have a couple to get a good shoot. I’ve found a lot of things to be fake”.

But how about the bright side? How is fashion helpful at life?
“Fashion industry has given me a platform to do everything I want in life. Travel, grow my career, help other people. I’m also able to push my music and acting along side of my modeling career. My platform allows me to get it all to my fans.”

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Foto: Balthier Corfi

But does he care about fashion at all? People in the upper echelons give me the impression of not caring at all, specially men -but of course Don proves my own missconceptions wrong:

“Yes! I Love fashion I really feel it is a way we get to express who we are without verbalizing it.”

Foto: Balthier Corfi

And that’s where the music makes it all full circle, I imagine.

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