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Effective hacks to remove facial imperfections -without spending a fortune-

Effective hacks to remove facial imperfections -without spending a fortune-


Acne and eye bags are not the only aesthetic problems and imperfections that we can notice at first time. If we make a detailed account of the problems we wish to avoid, we would add to the black points, the famous buried hairs, the buried nails and the horrible warts.

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Some problems are difficult to avoid, such as warts, but in many cases we can reduce their presence and even eradicate them with simple homemade tricks. Before entering into the matter, it is very important to mention that not all cases can be solved in this way. If the situation is more complicated than we think, the best is go to an expert dermatologist, who, with all the experience and professionalism, will give us the exact solution. However, there are some simple tips that will get us out of trouble.

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You really can not do much to prevent their appearance, because, in most cases it is hereditary and they increase over the years. They usually appear in areas such as the armpits, back and neck. These feared and unpleasant “little balls” are nothing more than an accumulation of skin, but, not for that reason, they will be able to start so easily from the area. Plucking them will bring a lot of bleeding and the subcutaneous area can become infected. Ideally, use an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial tea oil to apply on the wart two to three times daily. As the days go by, the excess of skin will dry up and finally become detached.


The presence of these painful individuals comes after a shave. The hair of the beard begins to grow on its side and coils itself, which prevents its exit to the surface of the skin and becoming infected, to give way to a red and annoying protuberance very similar to a pimple. When this happens do not try to “blow it up”; At the first sign of a buried hair rub, with a small towel, exfoliating gel of lactic acid – although you can also make a paste of sugar and olive oil – and give circular movements on the affected area. Do not try to expel him by force; the paste, along with the exfoliation, will remove the dead cells and the hair will begin to sprout. When it has left, take a previously disinfected tweezers and pull it. Painful but beneficial.

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Although there are countless products on the market to eradicate these visible points, we can also create natural masks. One of them can be made using a little natural yogurt mixed with bee skin: stir the mixture until it has a homogeneous paste and apply it on the face, in the form of a mask, for 20 minutes. Finally, remove the product with warm water and repeat the operation about three times a week. The lactic acid, present in yogurt, helps to restore the PH of the skin, decreasing excess fat in it. It also reduces the diameter of the pores and removes dead skin.



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