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Everything you have to know about eye bags – and how to reduce them easily-

Everything you have to know about eye bags – and how to reduce them easily-


For a couple of years, the industry of beauty and the care of the male body has grown exponentially. New brands have opted to open this division within the offers, offering not only products for the specific needs of man; as post-shave lotions or balms for the growth of facial hair, but, also, the proposals go to skin moisturizers, anti-aging oils and concealers for dark circles. The latter are always the subject that worries us so much and it is almost inevitable to hide them when we suffer from insomnia, we are tired or due to genetic factors that cause the appearance of this uncomfortable change of tone in the skin of the eyes.

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It´s logic to affirm that the appearance of dark circles is due to internal processes of our body caused by excesses: like the frequent unveiling. Of course, this can be fixed by changing the pace of life, however, achieving this change may take longer than we think. Dark circles appear due to capillary leaks in the lower part of the eyes, which makes the skin darker due to deoxygenated blood and accumulated capillary toxins. Although this aesthetic phenomenon refers to different reasons, the most common and easy to solve are the following:

-Feeding lacking in iron

-For a few hours of sleep; the body generates excess cortisol. Substance that produces dark circles.

-Less hydration

To this causes are also added some more difficult to repair such as: age, genetic issues, circulatory diseases or skin so thin in the eye area. To all this, the corrections for reversible causes can be listed in some key points:


The slices of cucumbers in the eyes is an iconic image popularized by the movies, but if it is used it is because, definitely, it works. This vegetable has rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces dark circles and capillaries in the area are oxygenated. Making the face look much more rested.


The alternatives and benefits offered by medicinal plants are almost innumerable. Their help is not limited to the treatment of diseases: there are certain plants that, due to their anti-inflammatory qualities, can reactivate the circulation of certain areas. Peppermint, mint and chamomile can release their properties in hot water, then apply its essence on a cloth and let it rest on the eyes for a few minutes. Doing so often will keep the area oxygenated.


This oil offers great benefits to the skin hydrating it, deflating it and making it look smoother and more luminous. In turn, using almond oil with some frequency prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


If we want to hide the dark circles urgently; The ideal option will be to apply make-up concealer on the affected area. This trick is just a quick and short-lasting solution.



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