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How many black pants do you really need in your closet?

The male closet is identified by only having the basics. Most of the men only have in their closet the classic garments and those that will always get them out of trouble -this is not too bad- However, when you do not have the ideal “closet background”, problems arise. both obvious. When trying to replace a blazer, for example, by a cardigan, (in case of not having a jacket) the result is usually totally different and, in the worst cases, we end up seeing ourselves as ridiculous.

Through the network we will always find illustrations of the ideal wardrobe background, the list of garments that every entrepreneur must have or even tutorials of what you should buy. But, many of these tips do not take into account personal issues and daily activities that make the closet fund not work or apply in a general way.

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Speaking specifically of one of the basics of man is the black pants. A neutral color that combines with any other tone of the chromatic circle and essential to create the best looks. Black, is synonymous with elegance, timelessness and power. And these are some of the reasons why we do not get tired of buying black pants. However, even if you have five black pants or ten, you may be having only one. This does not depend on the number of garments, but on the number of designs or models you have in this tone. To do this, we gather the styles of pants that you must have; at least one, of each design.


Denim allows us to create the most relaxed and casual outfits. Having black jeans are essential for use with sneakers running or tennis in retro format, with shirts or polo shirts. It invests in the quality of these, since its durability and presentation will depend on it.


It is always essential to have at least one pair of pure black pants in formal codes (regardless of what comes with a suit). A good pair of tailoring pants will speak very well of you. So, take care of details of proportions and finishes.


The trousers are the middle point of the formality of some tailoring and the casualness of a pair of chinos. Currently, these pants have become more prominent and you can use them with different top garments: from formal shirts or t-shirts with retro prints.


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The joggers will always get us out of trouble. Although its vibes are totally sporty, you can use them for leisure occasions and activities that require mandatory comfort.


The chinese type pants are the most used and favorites by the male audience.

This format is casual, but not as much as jeans. It is very common to always bring Chinese to the office; so try to have more than one.