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How to choose the perfect coat before changing seasons?

The quintessential piece that accompanies the lowest temperatures, without a doubt, is the coat. Whether short, long, crossed, double-breasted or plaid, this garment represents a good investment, so choosing it correctly will be vital for a quality purchase.


Before acting and letting ourselves be carried by what is perhaps the best coat of the season, it is necessary to think a series of points. For example, we know that the coat is a necessary purchase to receive cold days (or if we will travel), but both, affect the need to cover our body from the inclemency of time. Which leads us to assert that its functionality is the most important factor to buy it.


For a coat to last several seasons, it is necessary to find the style that best suits our needs, the cuts that best suit us -according to our body-, and the quality of the materials that will, of course, make the coat durable.

We think of some basic tips to make the right decisions to be anticipated and to come out victorious in the battle against the cold.

Take your time to choose the length that best suits your body. If you are tall, surely, you will have no problem to choose one that reaches just above the knee, but if you are short stature, it is best to opt for a coat that ends at the middle of the thigh.


Think of its functionality. What do you want to use it for? If the answer is based on your daily activities and taking it to the office, choose a basic straight-cut coat in camel, navy or black. Any of these tones is easy to combine and, of course, adds extra dose of style.


Think and invest well. The good quality materials are a capital rewarded in the years of a good coat’s life. The wool is the main material to protect us from the cold, but, if the areas where you live are not exactly cold, opt for less heavy textiles such as gabardine.

Choose smartly. A timeless design will never lose its validity, so, classic designs, you can use them for a long time.

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