How to grow your beard – if it does not come out uniformly-

Growing a beard requires care, touch-ups and, of course, a daily commitment to keep it in perfect condition. This commitment to a uniform growth must have a process because, overnight, favorable results will never be obtained. Letting it grow, at the beginning, it can be uncomfortable and even strange because, at the beginning of the growth I was able to sting, but it is part of the development.

Foto: Errikos Andreou

The health of a beard, although it may not seem so, is closely related to the health of the body, in general. Although, there are different products that will help to improve the appearance and develop their growth, the previous and natural care will favor all these concepts to the maximum.


The recreational activities and exercise will directly favor the circulation of blood throughout the body, improving cellular respiration and reflecting on the skin of the face. This oxygenation will irrigate each follicle and will cause the beard to grow favorably. Rest, too, plays an important role in cellular regeneration of vital importance in the growth of facial hair.


After a few weeks of not shaving and letting the beard run and grow, the sensation of wanting to shape and lower it a bit will obviously come. It is important to let it flow and after a period of 4 to 5 weeks, you will feel like the beard acquires a texture a little softer and less rigorous, then, it will be the moment to shape it.

Foto: Errikos Andreou


It is very important to wash the skin of the face, at least once a day, to remove accumulated dirt and hydrate it with specific products and daily routine and, thus, combat the onset of itching. Once the beard has reached a considerable length, it softens and the itching disappears.


Once the beard has softened, the brushing routine becomes stronger. With these movements you will be able to train each hair to take the direction you want and thus, disguise the empty spaces.



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