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Lessons on how to wear big boy trousers with style

Trends, like all cycles, have a beginning and an end. But, also, they have a return and ups and downs over time. Although, wide trousers and tweezers are not a recent creation; its evolution and its adaptation to contemporary style, yes. These cuts and seams pronounced under the waistband and the width, which allows greater comfort, are still the same benefit that offered, these pants, more than 50 years ago. Its update is reflected in the fabrics, manufacturing techniques and, of course, in its functionality.

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For a couple of seasons ago, the legacy that Hedi Slimane dictated in early 2000 and his sentence in the form of “skinny” pants, has been blurring with greater intensity. The replacement of this trend or, rather, “the piece that marked more than one generation” comes in the opposite direction: broad. Tweezers have resurfaced and promise to replace – or at least try – skinny format.


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Fusing both currents (classic and streetwear) is one of the premises of current style and fashion. You can combine your trousers with a t-shirt of the same color and add a carefree accessory to get a relaxed look, but quite attractive.


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These pants have the power to transport us to previous decades with the help of the right clothes. Combine them with a knit sweater or a coat will be a total success for formality and for the masculine style of yesteryear. Update the outfit with shoes that have a notorious design intervention: some mules may be the ideal option.


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Replace the skinny jeans with a pair of trousers in everyday looks. Try, simply, to change them to realize the radical change and winner of the final styling. You can finish off with a retro air tennis.



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