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Morning, afternoon or night? This is the right time to exercise

One of the most important issues to talk, when we have made the decision to exercise or do a sport, is the time in which we will perform such physical activities. Most of the time this is decided according to our times, the working day or, simply, by decisions in our mood. The truth is that, regardless of the time we have chosen, there will always be myths about the effectiveness of routines on our body: many say that doing activities and sports in the morning helps speed up the metabolism, while others consider the night as the viable option for burning calories. And, thus, different assertions will emerge on the table.

But before take any statement that leads us to make a decision is important to resolve the dilemma and be convinced that every body works differently. Also, the heart rate is one of the most important variables that will determine, exactly, when we feel better to go for a run, do weights or play a football game, for example. This biological rhythm who direct blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, so this set of elements will give us the guidelines to feel ready for exercise.

AM (Morning)

The morning exercise – before doing any other activity – is very favorable, in fact, for the metabolic issue and having a weight control over our body. It is also advisable to exercise away from the hours of food consumption; in that case, the morning is indicated. In addition to all of the above, exercising on awakening creates a routine that becomes a priority. Avoiding the commitments that arise during the day and that, in many occasions, make us postpone the daytime sport.

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PM (afternoon-night)

The most common time for physical activity comes when the work routine has ended. At this time of the day the body temperature and hormonal level are at their peak so, physically, our body is in the best time. This allows us to demand more and, consequently, this will be reflected in greater resistance and an increase in the burning of calories. Finally, the risk of injury is reduced because the body has been active for several hours prior to the exercise.

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