Rings: the new accessories that every man should use

Since ancient times jewelry has served as a reference of power and social status between the monarchy and the rest of the people. Precious stones and elements such as gold, silver and broce have always played the leading role in both male and female jewelry. However, with the passage of the decades, accessories gained a greater prominence in the female sector. A woman, for example, needs necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings to have a complete arsenal. On the contrary, man is limited only to the ring and, sometimes, it is only achieved with the “marriage ring”.

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Fortunately, jewelry is gaining more popularity in style codes for men. Increasing the list of supplements and offers in the market to turn this phenomenon into an increasingly strong trend. As part of the cycle of trends, celebrities and the most influential people are the ones who help to highlight emerging movements. An example of this was Timotheé Chalamet in the most recent installment of the Golden Globes 2019, using a total look of Louis Vuitton (shirt, trousers and a harness on top) that was perfectly well complemented with rings in his left hand).

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Adopting the rings in your hands, if you have never worn one, may be strange. However, adapting to trends is easier than we think. So, if you decide to wear more than one discreet ring, we leave you the style keys so that you can be victorious in this play.


It is very important that the materials of the rings are of the same metal. These can be different from each other (some of them in a minimal style along with others of Victorian air), but all generate a chromatic harmony. Bet on the alloys.

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The “less is more” rule is not always necessary. We can wear a moderate number of rings, although it is always advisable not to exceed the number 5, distributed in both hands. The ideal is to combine sizes (some thinner than others) to avoid falling into the “ostentatious” and meaningless.


The accessories, as well as the clothes, have their rules and protocols according to the event in which they are used. Wearing rings is also elegant as long as they have a discreet or sober design. (Timotheé Chalamet is the clear example) Fortunately, different jewelry firms have increased their options for gentleman in styles, color, sizes and materials.

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It goes without saying that it is important to take care of your hands. Well, with or without rings, these should keep a good look as they are our cover letter at the time we say hello to someone. However, when using rings, some areas tend to dry out and look a little more careless. Paying attention to this little-great detail, you’re ready to make a few rings.

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