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Sleeping more could be the solution to lose weight without exercise

Saying that sleeping more is the solution to many problems we have caused due to insomnia and bad days of rest is one of the tips that we always tell others and that, surely, less apply to our lifestyle. We can go carefree by putting pretexts of why we sleep a little: stress, chronic insomnia, poor diet … however, and unfortunately, the dark circles and the “nodding” in the office are not even the most serious problems of a bad dream. Long-term problems are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

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Nor do we mean that we have to spend more than 10 hours in bed, since studies have concluded that 7 hours is enough to recover and allow important cellular restructuring. But, when perhaps we imagined that we are experts in issues of the side effects of lack of sleep, experts conclude that the reasons why, surely, we do not lose weight -even if we kill ourselves in the gym- are due to the lack of work Rest. Moreover, sleeping little increases the chances of obesity.

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Maybe we think that it does not make sense, but if the body does not have the correct rest hours to execute processes, metabolizing carbohydrates becomes the problem that leads to gaining weight. To all this, the less we rest, the more we tend to feel weak and tired; Forcing our body to ingest greater amounts of sugars and carbohydrates to gain a little more energy. Which, by logic, leads us to increase our weight even more.

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Of course, the solution to most of our complications is to sleep more and respect the recommended sleep hours. It may not be the effective weight-loss recipe if we only sleep, but it will definitely help us feel better, metabolize correctly and have energy throughout the day.