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Something about us

Something about us


Photography: José Toscano. Production and styling: Alejandro Peregrina. Grooming: Ren Rodríguez. Model: Jorge Fernández.

Glasses: Prada. Jeans: Acne Studios. Available at Farfetch.

go fetch!

My story buying luxury online

By Juan Pablo Jim


July 4th, 2014  – Carven cutout sweater. Sent from VOO store in Berlin, Germany.


At the beginning of my relationship with online shopping, around 1998 when PayPal was just emerging, I started buying things that were not a big financial risk. I used to send $10 bills in an envelope by mail in exchange for an English magazine (I didn’t have a credit card), and I was frequently notified three months after that the envelope arrived empty. In the following decade ecommerce evolved, but in Mexico it was still hard to buy luxury items online. By that time my salary permitted me to save a little and get myself something from JW Anderson now and then, but I had to wait to travel someplace where it was available (or to a country where their ecommerce shipped to).

It wasn’t until July of 2014, according to my purchase history, that I discovered Farfetch. I don’t remember exactly how, and surely I discovered it much earlier than that, but pondered for some time about making the first purchase. I was surprised that an online store that carried Carven – and so many other brands that I liked, that weren’t that popular – had delivery to Mexico. I was scared of the taxes that would be charged once the delivery man arrived at my door with a black cutout sweater with pigeons (that I still do have). In the end the taxes weren’t that expensive. But the story was about to get even better.

Glasses: Prada. Sweatshirt: Acne Studios. Yellow leather mini bag: Jaquemus. PVC mini bag: Nana-Nana. Available at Farfetch.

Jeans: Acne Studios. Shoes: Dolce&Gabbana. Jacket: Prada. Cap: Burberry. Shirt: Acne Studios. Available at Farfetch.

Total look Dolce&Gabbana. Disponible en Farfetch

Shirt and jeans: Acne Studios. Shoes: Balenciaga. Bag: Eastpak × Raf Simons. Available at Farfetch.

Tops: Lacoste. Jeans: Acne Studios. Available at Farfetch.

July 6th 2016 – Adidas by Raf Simons platform sneakers. Shipped from ELITE store in Spain.


Farfetch is a platform that exists for the love of fashion. It connects creators, curators and consumers in an end-to-end ecosystem that resolves the needs of luxury consumers and sellers alike. One of the main answers is the ecommerce that makes the stock of its (over 1,000) affiliated boutiques and brand partners, available to its clients from over 190 countries. This provides over 3,200 luxury brands (from emerging designers to well renowned brands) in categories like menswear, womenswear, kidswear, as well as vintage, fine jewelry and fine watches, all in one platform. This means that as customers in Mexico we can access the collections of Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga… that are available in any of the stores affiliated with Farfetch from around the world (and not only the items bought for the Mexican stores) and at the price that of the store of origin*, on top of any discounts the platform may be having.

In developed markets there is also same-day delivery, delivery within 90 minutes, pages dedicated to the country and personal shoppers that help consumers find exclusive pieces for VIP clients – even pieces not available on the platform. Since last year, Mexico has the two latter. Also, starting this month (June 2019), you’ll be able to buy with no-interest and in up to 6 monthly installments with all major credit cards.


Farfetch was launched in 2008. The founder, José Neves, was a shoe designer, owner of a boutique and programmer. The platform started as a marketplace for boutiques, to later open up to direct partnerships with brands, launching Farfetch Black & White Solutions, providing tailor made ecommerce solutions for the luxury fashion industry, acquiring the boutique Browns, and launching Store of the Future, to create a connection between the online and offline generating a purchase experience, for example, smart mirrors in stores, always mixing technology and luxury. On top of that, creating exclusive content, curated by the best stylists in the world, making the platform itself its own media outlet and a store to get the pieces featured.


* Sometimes, the same product may be available with different prices, or different sizes may have different price points because the products come from different vendors.

Total look: Dolce&Gabbana. Available at Farfetch.

Jeans: Acne Studios. Shoes: Maison Margiela. Available at Farfetch.

May 7th 2019 – Burberry cap with embroidered logo. Shipped from Colognese 1882 store in Italy.


Last year when Farfetch officially arrived in Mexico, my online shopping experience changed again. Provided I have been shopping there for many years, now the delivery has a set cost (usually one set cost for the whole purchase) and the taxes are included in the final price. So being able to have all that wasn’t available here before, has become easy, including the Burberry cap that is featured in this shoot. In a few days, the international offer arrives at my door; there are even special sales, some with up to 50% discount for luxury brands. I feel like the future I had been waiting for since I used to mail dollar bills in an envelope to England, has finally arrived.

To celebrate Farfetch’s arrival in Mexico, we did this story inspired by the impact that technology has in our daily lives, almost inseparable of who we are as human beings. Digital human beings. We also did a special product list with all the pieces that you see here so you can get them easily by clicking here.

Chamarra y pantalón Prada, playera Acne Studios, zapatos Dolce&Gabbana, gorra Burberry. Disponibles en Farfetch



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