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The best songs to motivate you during the exercise (according to studies)

To exercise with greater spirit it is always necessary to have a couple of things: appliances in good condition, a good gym and, of course, a very good playlist. The songs play an important factor in our exercise routine. For example, the first thing we do when we are running and, suddenly, a romantic song or a ballad that makes us nostalgic begins, is to change it in the first seconds. And not because we do not like it, but because at that moment we need music that fills us with energy; with rhythm and with frequencies that incite us to give everything in cardio.

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Anyone who exercises knows what we mean. The rule is simple: if the songs are not correct, our goal will not be fulfilled.

The music has an effect that barely and in seconds motivates us to spend more energy. All the above know, perfectly, Apple Music, Spotify and the special apps to arm our playlist to give 100 in the gym. Lists like: “Workout Music” “To Train” “Latin Cardio”, in short … there will be very good playlist and others not so much, everything will depend on our genre and favorite artists. However, science has been given the task of choosing the perfect musical list for training.

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The University of Osnabrück, in Germany, teamed up with the giant Amazon and its platform “Amazon Music” to determine, through analysis and download statistics, the songs most listened to when exercising. Taking into account factors such as rhythm, beats per minute, tempo and harmonic progression. However, in this list of 60 songs the experts considered different musical genres. Which is why, if one is not to your liking and you think it should not be included, it’s definitely not the track, but your musical tastes that make the song not go with your personality.

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Try these songs and see for yourself if the investigations paid off: