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The facial care routine that you really should start applying

In recent years special care and aesthetic treatments for the male audience have become more popular. Thanks to these paradigm shifts, the barrier that existed between cosmetic products for men has been completely eliminated. Offering, thus, a number of benefits and a wide range of brands – until recently exclusive for women – have expanded their market saying to cover the needs of contemporary man. This male consumer has also adopted a series of skin care products; specifically.

One of the most important care routines is based on the face. Reason why, we list some steps for the care of the face.

Daily cleaning: The skin of men tends to produce more fat. This, in excess, can cause the appearance of acne and have a pretty shiny appearance. To care, on a daily basis, for its natural appearance, it is advisable to use a purifying cleanser or micellar water; These will neutralize skin impurities and bacterial agents that accumulate during the day.

Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Facewash For Men de Kiehl’s /

Moisturizing Cream: Includes face cream as part of your daily routine. Thus, you will help your facial hair soften and facilitate the shaving process, reducing the friction between the razors and the skin. The above is summarized in fewer cuts, no irritation and redness in the skin.

The Moisturizing Matte Lotion de La Mer /

After-Shaves: After shaving it is important not to forget to dip your face in cold water. As immediate as possible; This will close the pores and avoid irritation and burning after shaving. Avoid lotions with alcohol and look for something neutral and moisturizing.

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Care of the Beard: If you decided to let your beard grow, you need to give it the attention and care it requires. -In this LINK we tell you how- But if you decide that some expert barber in charge of care, the options are very broad. Ask for recommendations and exchange opinions before making a decision.

Exfoliation: The exfoliation of the face, at the end of the day, will be of utmost importance to keep it free of impurities, dead cells and fat that accumulates during daily activities. Add this habit to your daily grooming routine to have an impeccable face.

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