The old days jacket who everybody want this season: the Shearling Jacket


The shearling jacket is one of the items that you probably have in your closet but, until today, you did not know its official name. Like many other classic pieces of wardrobe and masculine style, its transcendence owes to its functionality and versatility, both concepts allow clothing to evolve and adapt to the needs of today’s man through updates that he receives about himself, but always true to his legacy.

Photo: George Angelis

The beginning of the shearling jacket dates back to wartime, being more specific, at the beginning of the 40s at the height of the outbreak of World War II. The archaic and first-born jacket became a reference thanks to the uniform of the pilots of the Air Force of the United States, who adopted this garment to protect themselves from the extreme cold. The fleece and the skin trapped the body heat and were comfortable to use inside the aircraft. Later, the usefulness of the garment changed and he made his leap to the mainstream thanks to James Dean, immortalizing her in films such as Giant in 1956 and which would set the tone for an enduring sentence until today.

Photo: Courtesy Belstaff

Leaving aside the history of this garment, we can appreciate its-almost null-evolution with the passage of time; we assure you, your dad or, even your grandfather, will have a shearling jacket to inherit. Its structure comes to life in genuine cowhide leather and as a lining – and main protagonist – “sheep sheepskin” that lives up to its name. This tanned leather provides protection against cold and moisture outside.

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Currently in the market we find diverse options in both design and materials: biker jackets, bomber jackets, trucker jackets and hoodies, and, although all designs have fleece inside, the original shape of the shearling jacket is identical to the jacket of aviator. Also, different low-cost brands, present pieces in synthetic leather and shearling to lower costs and deliver an affordable garment. However, the durability of the jacket is closely related to the quality of the materials and their construction.




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