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The story of another essential garment in the male closet: the peacoat

Sometimes notice or, rarely, we question the origin or history of each garment that stands out in our closet. It seems a biographical theme, but in fact, even the simplest garment has a story to tell, even those classic and basic wardrobe pieces are capable of making us travel through time, for decades.

Photo: Weston Wells for The Wall Street Journal

In this retrospection comes the peacoat: an iconic garment that served as protection to the navigators of yesteryear. Its birth makes us transport until the eighteenth century in the midst of a military environment, where, this piece, would be designed especially for the Royal British Navy. Its official appearance in the uniforms manual of these troops was immortalized in 1731. On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States introduced the coat until the end of the 19th century; which would serve as a defense to the naval troops and starred, years later, the mandatory clothing during two world wars.

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The original structure and idea of this garment has been the benchmark that has kept it decade after decade. Its anatomy has a cross that envelops the body and traps the heat, to match a pair of wide flaps with a neck easy to lift and button, quite functional and practical to defend the breath of the freezing temperatures of different areas of combat.

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All this things takes place in a woven, also, excellently thought: wool. This textile possesses extreme qualities; like the one of supporting 1,000 degrees centigrade before being consumed. So it became a whole weapon if you needed to run through the flames or minimize the fire using the peacoat.

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This magnificent invention embodies the classic and powerful style that has gone through generations and, its introduction to common clothes, presents translations for its best use and versatility. Wearing a peacoat over an informal outfit will elevate the result, making it look sophisticated and elegant. In short, this garment has stayed with us – and will continue to do so – thanks to its functionality, which has allowed it to receive minimal updates to be adapted to contemporary man. Undoubtedly, a historical piece and reference of style to protect us from the cold days that lie ahead.

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