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These are the shoes that will be in trend during 2019

These are the shoes that will be in trend during 2019


The word “tendencies” most of the time we associate it with clothes. It sounds a bit logical because of its close relationship with fashion. However, there are trends for all areas: color trends, trends in hair styles and even trends among men’s preferred care products. In a special section within the extensive field of accessories, the shoes occupy a niche of gold, because they are part of our daily clothing.

Photo: Christian Vierig / Getty Images

When we choose shoes we do it in two essential ways: 1. Because we need a specific model to go to the office, for example. 2. Because we always want more tennis. However, the offer in the redesign and interpretation of footwear is always in constant movement. We can take classic models that appeared several decades ago, even centuries, but everything we use today only conserves their inheritance. New materials, technology, graphic elements, seams and ergonomics are some of the keys of modern men’s shoes. Within dozens of existing shoe styles there will always be a few that stand out in a certain season or time.

We took on the task of summarizing the shoe designs that will be in trend, at least, the first half of the year. With those who will welcome the spring and help you face the first warm days of the year.


Photo: Zara

Maybe until you have a pair of rough tennis thanks to the power of the trend that has been in force for a couple of seasons. For this 2019 the ugly sneakers are stylized a little more in volume, but they increase in color combinations.


Photo: Cortesía Camper

The fast fashion stores will be anticipating their spring-summer collections as winter ends. We can assure that, for the next spring, the sports huarache will have a great role. Even with the use of socks.


When Alessandro Michele presented his first collection at the head of Gucci, one footwear in particular began to attract attention: an underclothing moccasin revolutionized the design of a traditional footwear and, from that moment, began to percolate in all sectors of fashion. Today, male mules are synonymous with comfort and elegance in the warm seasons of the year. For 2019, do not hesitate to include a pair to your closet.


Photo: Farfetch – You can buy Versace loafers directly in this LINK

This nautical design will always be an infallible in the closet. For the season that is about to begin, the renowned firms have updated their models adding legends and texts with hand-painted letters as Versace does. Bet on black leather loafers for use in the office and at a little more formal events.


Photo: Especial

Suede designs are always an autumn-winter classic. However, the desert model is not exactly a boot, but neither is it a shoe. This format works very well to attend spring festivals; to the being of Bohemian air, and, at the same time, functional.