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This is how you should start taking care of the texture and appearance of your hair

This is how you should start taking care of the texture and appearance of your hair


At the end of the holidays, the return to routine can be quite complicated. After the excesses of the festive season, dehydration due to alcohol and other climatic factors, the effects of good times are also present. In the winter holidays there may be two variants that spoil the texture of the hair: one of them is the cold. The humidity in the environment and the low temperatures dry on the scalp and, consequently, the appearance of the rest of the hair becomes a little careless and dull. The counterpart is dictated by those who vacationed at a beach destination. And, although everything seems to be perfect, with the sea breeze hitting the face, we must keep in mind that excesses are always bad. With the nitrate – popular due to its corrosive effect – and the chlorine in the pools, our body reacts and reflects it in a noticeable way. Hair will always be the main affected by the amount of chlorine and salts; becoming dry, brittle and heavy.

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Dehydration of the scalp, lack of shine and loss of vitality are the most common signs after contact with salt water. To avoid this -in your next vacation- in your daily routine you can apply a protective spray of non-greasy texture. These products will help absorb the greatest amount of ultraviolet radiation and preserve the original composition of the hair.

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Shampoos and hair repairers are the ideal choice if the damage is already done. There are shampoos with reconstructive assets that will strengthen the texture and cause each hair to return to its original state; contributing, brightness, giving firmness and minimizing oxidation. With these products, that ideal hair to comb and return to the office, will be more polished and vibrant than ever.

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Add to your daily routine products that strengthen each follicle with doses of extra shine.

Grooming Solutions Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner by Kiehl’s  

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Its formula free of sulfate and silicone, when rubbing gently, creates a creamy lather and cleans the hair and scalp. The mixture of oils and natural essences conditions and restructures all the hair.





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