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This is what happens to the body if you don’t sleep -at least- 7 hours daily

When we talk about good habits for our body, immediately, we relate them to a good diet, physical or recreational activity and personal care: call yourself massages, masks, exfoliation. However, various health problems are derived from a very important activity for the body: sleep. During this period of relaxation -and biological need of the body-, tissues such as the skin, internal organs are regenerated, the muscles of all the leather relax and our brain processes and stores all the information of the day.

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Sleeping little is a serious complication. The excess of stress, problems of sleeplessness, unfit conditions for sleep and various disorders that prevent sleep is achieved, alter the functions of the body giving rise to health consequences and, therefore, reducing life expectancy. Sleeping badly influences, directly, the concentration of the brain during the day, as well as mood and metabolism. The sleep cycle, of course, permeates by altering the biological clock; encouraging our digestive process.

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A tired brain responds slowly. Sleeping little generates mental clumsiness: activities become slow and the energy of the body decreases causing low performance. When we do not sleep enough, -recommendable 7 hours of effective sleep- we lose agility, concentration and attention, both visual and cerebral.


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Sleep disorders, over time, can charge a bill ranging from obesity to cardiovascular problems. Of course, in serious sleep problems, the chances of suffering from hypertension increase considerably. Also, when the dream is interrupted or the days decrease to less than 6 hours a day, the defenses this process. We become weak and prone to viral infections.

It is important that the hours of sleep are effective taking into account that the conditions are optimal for sleeping: low lighting, good temperature, isolation of external noise and, of course, a good bed that allows a total rest.

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