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This is what you tell according to your personal style

This is what you tell according to your personal style


When we know a person, unconsciously, we analyze everything we can perceive at a glance: his clothes, his personal hygiene, gesticulation, tone of voice and, even, his openness to hold a talk. For the brain, observe all these concepts and generate a first impression, it only takes a time of less than 8 seconds to be able to issue a first “subjective judgment” because, elements that interpersonal relationships and time can create, are not considered within of the first impression.

One of the personal concerns is the personal image. This broad concept encompasses everything we communicate, and which expresses our individuality: our outfits, our manners, the way we walk, the way we express ourselves and speak, very particular characteristics and personal stamps as the way to react to any situation; all these elements build our personal style. In spite of all the extensions and slopes that arise when speaking about style, we can summarize it as the expression of who we are, how we communicate and the way in which we see the world.

If we talk about personal style and the relationship with our individuality it is logical to think that the style is dynamic; It changes as the cultural, sentimental and mature background of the person grows. However, the important thing will always be that our style has a coherent relationship with our inner self. To generalize and encapsulate a single term, there are some large groups that share similar characteristics when deciding what we are going to wear; therefore, all people fit into a group, with no exceptions.


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People who fit into this division often move a lot in their daily routine and are always oriented to service and dealing with others. The image projected by this style is simplicity, accessibility and kindness.


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This style is conservative, serious: business. Attached to people with deep-rooted values and traditions. In their entirety they express responsibility, trust, efficiency and leadership.


It is the style of that man that we see as gentle, warm, empathetic and simple. Their appearance is subtle and delicate: they opt for light and subdued colors in their frequent outfits in relaxed but somewhat classic garments. They project compression, closeness and positive energy.

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An imaginative, unconventional and innovative personal style. His image is always attached to current trends: a mixture of styles in clothing, the use of prints and authentic outfits. The creative man communicates originality, individuality and security.


Photo: The Impression

This style, in particular, is not usually aspirational. It is a refined, distinguished and high status mode. The garments they wear, those that are identified with this style, are impeccable, of quality and lacking in prints and ornaments. They communicate perfection, success and power.




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