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Tricks to get rid of that tired face – the make believe that everything is just fine-

Tricks to get rid of that tired face – the make believe that everything is just fine-


Fatigue, sleeplessness, poor diet and even stress are some of the factors that are reflected in the face. These bad habits earlier, than later, charge your bill directly on the skin of the face and in such notorious areas such as the eyes.

Foto: Milan Vukmirovic

Lack of time and overwork are two of the important factors that hit us – almost in a literal sense – because, its effects are visualized in dark circles, bags, dry skin and even gaunt. The consequences of this personal neglect, beyond being an aesthetic issue, should be treated as a health issue; Well, these effects are just the visible result. Therefore, any excess, also, affects our organism internally.

Foto: Dario Vazquez

To disguise affectations of fatigue and excess of stress, you can follow some tricks that will make believe to the rest of people that everything is going well.

Keep your face clean most of the time. After a hard day and before going to sleep, wash your face with cold water. You can exfoliate to remove any traces of fat accumulated during the day.

To counteract the effects of extreme fatigue you can apply a facial moisturizer enriched with vitamins that help revitalize the skin almost immediately.

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In the morning, after your bath or facial cleansing, you can place a towel with ice water -like a mask- for a couple of minutes. This exercise will rehydrate and revitalize the skin, closing, also, the pores of the face. It will retain a firm texture for longer and will look radiant.


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The logical but necessary advice is to sleep, at least, 7 hours a day. Otherwise, the appearance of bags and dark circles will be irrevocable and eliminating them will cost much more work. It is important to get enough sleep in a dark room and under optimal conditions: no noise, cool and without humidity. Well, cell regeneration occurs during sleep provided that the correct conditions for rest are met.



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