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Tie, Bow Tie or just a Bow? How and when to use each accessory

Choosing the accessory that accompanies a suit correctly is one of the most meticulous tasks, and, at the same time, fun for today’s man. This exercise should not be seen as a challenge, more, when we know basic rules to balance and highlight the accessory.

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Choosing between tie, bow tie or bow-this being one of the least common-will always depend on the occasion and, consequently, on the complete look. Also, the optical balance of colors and patterns plays a very important role in the choice; For formal events, plain or small print accessories become ideal, while in day or cocktail events, the combination of prints and colors turns out to be the best option.

Although the type of event is the main factor that gives us the guidelines to start selecting the ideal accessory, there is another element that directly influences this choice: the type of neck.

Learning to identify each neck will make us an excellent connoisseur of accessories and accessories.



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The bow tie will always be the companion for a tuxedo par excellence. The shirt of chest and tuxedo neck should always be accompanied by a bow tie. Avoid using the pre-fabricated ones and choose one that you should arm yourself.


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Suits will always be the perfect option to wear a tie. 3 pieces -with a vest included- or only with trousers and jacket. The design of the tie will always depend on the required formality. For evening events, solid and glossy colors turn out to be the most attractive and elegant. For meetings and events in the afternoon – and in the office – the tie steals the protagonism: stripes, squares, polka dots, frets … any pattern can be used, even if the suit is squared or pinstripe. The secret is in balancing the size of prints and color.


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The less used option, but more creative, revolves around a simple bow. It can be satin or silk, whatever works, because, simply, it is placed around the neck to end in a slight bun dropped by the effect of gravity. It is important to choose the right type of neck for this accessory: the ideal neck is the epoque neck. Very similar to mao, but with a rounded flap that covers the finish.

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