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Trucker Jacket: the story of an infallible piece of clothing for anytime, anywhere

Trucker Jacket: the story of an infallible piece of clothing for anytime, anywhere


In a universe of garments that fill the retail stores, pieces that cross entire continents and oceans to be able to acquire them and that have a fleeting passage; they highlight some icons that have maintained their legacy for years and, as if they were living objects, have evolved over time to adapt to the needs of the consumer. The Trucker Jacket is clear example of this, because, throughout its validity, has witnessed incredible cultural, social and technological movements that have been raised for exactly 50 years.

Recreación de “Le Blouse” diseñado por Levi Strauss en 1880. El primer eslabón de la Trucker Jacket

Its origins come from the hand of Levi Strauss, at the end of the XIX century, when creating a work clothes for the miners with the canvas that, until that moment, was used to make the sails of the boats. This canvas had a particular name: the primitive, denim. A textile that not only would revolutionize the work clothes, but of the fashion in general terms, then, its use, remains perpetual until our days.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

This evolution of the utilitarian clothes remained constant during the post-war years and, the archaic jacket, was still in update. It is until 1967, in full effervescence of youth cultural and musical movements, that it is born -now- as an icon of popular culture: the Trucker Jacket; name that makes reference to the truckers that crossed all the United States and that adopted it for their daily life.

Trucker Jacket de suede de Stella McCartney

With the democratization and the emergence of hundreds of brands, this piece has always maintained its untouchable structure and legacy, becoming an accomplice of the chaos of the 80s and an icon with the grunge of the 90s. Now, to this day, this infallible piece of wardrobe is offered in different textures, colors, materials and always cooling with a contemporary element.

Trucker Jacket de Prada

International firms, from the conception of this garment, have fallen surrendered to the timeless power that this piece possesses without pretensions. Its functional structure and master design fits perfectly with fabrics such as leather, patent leather, corduroy and suede. In this chameleonic sense, it is indisputable not to have such a memorable piece in the male wardrobe in any of its versions.

Taking them as a standard of style is the best way to face the halftime and emerge victorious in the battle against the changing climates, from jeans and a pair of sneakers to trousers with pincers and Chelsea style ankle boots; The Trucker Jacket stands out above any other garment. Confirmed.



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