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Types of vests that you must have in your closet for Autumn-Winter

Types of vests that you must have in your closet for Autumn-Winter


Within the catalogue of cold clothing options highlights a very special one. One of the favorite pieces of the reluctant to wrap up and to bring layers of clothes on: the vest. For many this garment can be ideal for cool or bearable days because, its protection, covers sensitive areas of the body such as lungs and back, conserving body temperature – apart from being very practical at the time of dressing. For others, vests are unnecessary and boring.

Despite the conflict between loving or hating this piece, its presence in the man’s closet is remote and, if that were not enough, it is so versatile that we can find it in different formats and designs. The knit waistcoat -the one we maybe used for the first time as children-, the puffer vest, the explorer and the tailor are some of those that we quickly locate and which, surely, we have in our closet. For FW 18 we make a count of these designs and we list them as necessary pieces for the season. If you still have questions about how to take them, keep reading that here we explain everything.



Photo: Lucas Castro

This design, perhaps, was one of the first we used. Surely we dress it from the cradle made of wool or some other cozy fabric. Over time, we went to wear them in school uniforms and now we relate them to our grandpa’s clothes. However, this type of vests, is the classics and most elegant of the closet. For this season several international firms bet on their “intellectual air” to present them in looks with winks to the 60s.



Photo: Cortesía Zara

Turn your head a little to realize that at least one teenager is wearing a quilted vest, jeans and a pair of loafers. The practicality of this garment has turned it into the uniform par excellence of the current generations – although they also go very well to those who exceed the line of the 30s- The puffer vest can be found in any low-cost store and, logically, in brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Penguin.



Lanvin FW 18

Within this division you can also add the industrial style vests -of those that look like plumbers or mechanics- To be correct, the correct term is cargo vest: a design that includes several bags on the front of the garment to store items of frequent use. Lanvin for FW 18 recreates the classic look of “child explorer” to offer utilitarian vests in earth tones.



Photo: Cortesía Zara

It is the last piece of the puzzle called a suit. This design is the most elegant and its most frequent use lies in meetings or formal moments. And, although this garment almost does not harbor, if it gives us the classic look that we often need in our look.