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Why does eyebrow plucking make you look more attractive?

Nowadays, men no longer only go to the barbershop to maintain the perfect appearance of their mustache and hair, but also to fix their eyebrows. The tendency for male care has expanded in recent years, so betting on a good appearance of the eyebrows and their respective care become a mandatory issue – and a subject that does not make us “less masculine” – The point of To get a good result is to rely on the procedure of an expert, because, unlike the eyebrows for women, the shape they should have on the face of man is very different from what we know.

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The eye area (which includes the area of the eyebrows) is one of the most important features and, of course, transform the face. Therefore, when talking about appearance and aesthetics it is also fundamental to relate it to personal hygiene. The action of “depilating” is a practice that many men consider unconventional and exclusively for women, however, this is obsolete. With the increase in the number of products for the care of the face of man, It is important to emphasize that we all deserve to see each other well and, many times, that includes applying different techniques. Each time, the number of men who explore the possibilities offered by the world of beauty and care grows considerably. But, speaking specifically of eyebrows, the obligatory question of a man will be: What appearance must my brows have exactly? The answer is dynamic. There is no rule that tells us the thickness of an eyebrow in centimeters. In short, the eyebrows are a matter of proportion: the goal will be to improve the appearance of the face based on the proportions of the same, the amount of facial hair and the natural shape.

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Contrary to the female audience, men’s eyebrows must be thick and have a disheveled point. To achieve a “seductive” or “wisdom” character, it is necessary to resort to procedures with tweezers-ideal for knights-and not others such as wax and thread. The ideal technique consists of removing, only, the hair between the eyebrows up to the level of the lacrimal area of each eye, where the correct eyebrow begins. The area where the hairs will be removed will be on the upper part of the eyelid, respecting the natural shape of each person’s eyebrow. As for the thickness, you should never imitate the narrowness of a woman’s eyebrow, but respect the width and eliminate the hairs that grow in opposite directions to the natural “path”.

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The end of the eyebrow will be defined by the last hairs. That is, if the growth stops at an obvious height, but there are hairs that extend a little more, it is forced that they will have to be eliminated. However, the objective of a good eyebrow is not to have a delicate look, but to obtain by means of tweezing, a cleaner face and more vibrant eyes.