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Niklaas Fritz: the new obsession in the universe of watches

The issue of male watchmaking is as extensive, as complex, being the most detailed and delicate areas of male accessories. Fortunately, this accessory, regardless of its functionality, since ancient times has served as a classic insignia of the style of man; evolving over time and adapting to the needs of it. In the Mexican market this evolution has been understood, perfectly, by Niklaas Fritz, a new firm that is committed to the design and spirit of a young and adventurous public.


Founded by Juan Pablo and Nico – both less than 25 years old – at the beginning of this year, Niklass Fritz intends to place itself in the market hand in hand with digital culture, to which they belong. With this goal so well founded, the firm seeks to revolutionize the shopping experience by offering a product at a competitive price. Among the offer of this watchmaking brand are pieces of classical, minimalist and contemporary airs translated into a language for modern man who has a new way of living and measuring time.

Diseño Chambra Navao

In the delicate proposal stands out the Chambra model: with a timeless design that adapts to both casual and formal occasions. It is materialized with a lacquer sphere lacquered with two textures and steel markers with the logo of the brand on the top. The luxury is available sapphire crystal that promises to raise the personality of who wears it.

Coco Adonis

In order to be placed on the public’s favorite watches, Niklaas Fritz has taken on the task of democratizing access to the world of watchmaking, without affecting the quality of the product they offer.

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The first collection is available through an anchoring and pre-sale campaign, which will try to conquer this new customer profile, totally digital.