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The 2000’s fashion is more important now than ever

If my math is correct – but its likely to be wrong, thats why I write about fashion – the 2000’s are old enough to have their own comeback (also making us feel very old, for those who are old enough to realize it).

The equation of fashion is very simple: you just have to subtract 20 to 30 years from the age of the creatives to reach the formative years that end up always reflected in their work. Saint Laurent glamorized the 40’s in the 70’s, Mugler the 50’s in the 80’s and all the esoteric and new age from the 90’s that smelled more like patchouli than the rhetoric of free-love in the late 60’s, but what about the 2000’s?


In fact, this is a much more complicated matter, but the 2000’s were a peculiar mixture of ideas influenced by the promise of a new millennium and the digital era and the technological boom that forced fashion to get to the level to meet the needs of the modern man.How about that this time we actually get to colonize the Moon?Another great stylistic factor was the global blooming of R & B, hip-hop and rap music, which represented more than 25% of the music that was consumed all over the world about that time and ended up filtering into the highest spheres of design, from the hood to luxury and from there to spread into the masses one more time. For those of us who were pubescent children at that time, growing up watching the last great era of MTV and the powerful mix of styles of VH1,we can testify, making a little effort, that Puff Daddy and Ashton Kutcher looks totally dominated the trends during the first years of the last decade.

But what does all this have to do with 2017?

Well you guys think about this: the kids and young people of those years are now young adults in creative positions high enough to trigger similar trends to those around them as they grew up.Some have taken it as far as reviving the name Helmut Lang (the most important herald of the new millennium) under the leadership of the very millennial Shayne Oliver, with a timely approach to post-genre subcultures, although with an unfortunate result; but you guys got the point: the 2000’s matter. And while these versions don’t look exactly the same, the ideas are converging and now that the young people are growing and working, the 2000’s still have a couple of aces up their sleeve to inspire us in the way we dress.

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Do you like the 2000’s or you cant wait for them to be over again?