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What does Kim Jones’s departure from Louis Vuitton mean?

Well, actually nothing. Nothing in this world means anything and the departure of Kim Jones as creative director of the Louis Vuitton men line is no exception. For a couple of years the hottest corporate trend has been the coming and going of creative directors from one brand to another and after the departure of Phoebe Philo from Céline, LVMH reconfirms the departure of another of their creative directors.Kim Jones was the menswear director for Vuitton since 2011, he was recommended by the global creative director of the brand at the time, Marc Jacobs. 

Since those years and until now, the keys to Kim‘s versatile designs are the total focus on the company’s travel heritage and the total attention to the craftsmanship in with which the pieces are made. A few days ago we got 21 Louis Vuitton pieces out from the showroom, most of them designed by Kim, for something that you will see soon on our page, and one of the most marvelous things is to see that despite the fact that some pieces from the archive had been showed for more than three years ago, they continue to look relevant, luxurious and ready to be integrated into the closet of any person – who can afford them.

The rumors had being saying for months that Kim Jones is going to Versace and now they are saying that he goes to Burberry, but for now it does not matter. There is still a year of Kim Jones in the stores for Vuitton and his successor will have some very large sneakers to fill in.

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