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Why camel is the color of the season -all autumns-?

The camel is a color tone with history: a legacy that has created over the years and that, to this day, is still valid. The term “camel” was used more than 100 years ago, to be exact, in 1916, as a word that designated this tonality. But it was until 1951 when, in fashion, this word was used to define the new color. Finally, in 1955, almost 40 years after its appearance, the word camel was included as a genuine color among the officers and that we know best.

The stellar appearance in fashion of this specific tone, and loved by all, did it on the iconic camel coat. This coat was conceived, originally, as a masculine garment that empowered great stars of the cinema in the decade of the 30s, although, it expansion was given thanks to the international icon of those times: Greta Carbo. But, his total reign and popularity came in the early 1970s when, this piece immortalized stars such as Marlon Brando and Ali McGraw and, from that moment, celebrities of the stature of Al Pacino – in his role in the classic “El Godfather “- they wore the camel coat as a badge of power.

Marlon Brando in his role as Paul, in the film Las tango in Paris

It was from that moment that this color would initiate its revolution in the industry, and it would stay forever; not only dyeing a coat, but a whole series of clothes that have become popular: khaki pants, trucker jackets, and, of course, the infallible camel blazer. This absolute power and its resemblance to the dry leaves of trees, has cataloged it as essential for autumn and, year after year, it appears in knitwear, corduroy, leather, suede and wool.

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This versatility has allowed him to survive and pass from generation to generation, and it seems that he will continue to do so. The camel, undoubtedly, is a king, a staple and a legend in our wardrobe.