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How to dress like your favorite blogger (with Alberto Ortiz Rey’s help)


For women its very common to look for day to day look inspiration on Instagram, based on the photos of their favorite bloggers. But recently men are doing the same more and more, it is very important to find someone with we identify for style and whose looks inspire us to dress up every day. That’s why I was so exited the minute I find out that for the 30 years celebrations of the artist Javier Marín,Buchanan’s 18 Special Reserve B would be bring Alberto Ortiz Rey to Mexico, one of my favorite Spanish fashion bloggers. “I started my blog in 2007; Back in the day, people did not quite understand what it meant to be a blogger. There was even people who didn’t took it seriously as communication platform. “ 

Today, Alberto has more than 5 people working on his team, and regularly collaborates with international luxury brands like Gucci, Louboutin, Cartier, Omega, Loewe, Comme des Garcons, Armani, Missoni, Cavalli, just to name a few.


“I have to admit that my favorite Instagram accounts are more related to lifestyle and decoration,” He told me, perhaps because in addition to just being a blogger, he is also a photographer and interior designer. We can tell this by his choice of looks. “When I travel, my clothes depend a lot on the place im going. Colors and textures come to my mind when I think of the destination. “


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On the gallery above, There is my choice of my favorite photos on Instagram de Alberto, and I wrote down  Alberto’s dressing tips and how to succeed in the world of blogging.


Photos from this post and cover by: Karla Lisker.

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