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Jeans, combat boots and Juanjo Herrera

For the few people who still continue to watch cable in Mexico, Juanjo Herrera is one of the hosts of Fashion Police Mexico, the Mexican version of the show that makes us miss Joan Rivers every day.For the people in the fashion industry, he is one of the founders of Bang! and Wanted Model Management, as well as actor, host, model, and according to his Twitter bio, “half vampire, half kitty”. And this is his style guide:

Always be true to yourself, with your body, your color, your life. When something doesn’t look good on you, well, it doesn’t look good on you. You just have to accept it. For example, I am white as a ghost and some tones do not go well with me, so then i just avoid them. 

Never get in costume: when one imitates other’s style usually ends up looking not right. It seems more coherent to search for the style within oneself, and then look comfortable, real, authentic.

The style starts from your underwear, it does not make any sense to have an amazing look, and under that Alfani undies bought at Chedraui (Goodbye sponsorship of Alfani and Chedraui for Jimness). Even when nobody will ever see it, you will know it, and thats enough. Good underwear empowers.

Do not rely on other people’s looks: you can not want to dress like Drake Bell, or Kanye West if you look like Chicoche.

NEVER buy the complete outfit straight from the mannequin, nor the entire Balmain for H&M collection. Play with a piece at a time and continue onwards,those levels of pretentiousness and lack of creativity make me sad. Love the fact that we don’t have a mannequin body!

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To know more about Juanjo, follow him on TwitterInstagram and Periscope as @eljuanjoherrera, Snapchat juanjoherrera and Facebook.

Photos: Karla Lisker.

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