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The masculine style philosophy of Patricio Campillo

The masculine style philosophy of Patricio Campillo


The Pack, by grace of Patricio Campillo, has been placed in the men’s fashion market as one of the most important Mexican brands. Its commitment to high-quality clothing, as well as its sustainable philosophy, have been two of the most important values for the brand. We talked with his founder who, in addition to talking a little about his perspective on men’s fashion, shared with us his ideologies and personal concepts of the masculine style.

Foto: Diego Velasco

How do you define The Pack’s customer?

The client is someone who is aware of the impact his image has on the world. The style is a form of communication and everyone, at some point, we have worried about that form of visual communication. This consumer, too, values the process of creating a garment; from the textiles of natural fibers to the making, of each of them, with the best working conditions. As a brand, we try to be honest and transparent to achieve, in a sustainable way, that the value and the price of each garment are equivalent.

Foto: Diego Velasco

As a creative, what is your perspective on masculine style?

Masculinity is an attitude and a way of moving. It is completely independent of gender identity and biological gender. Any person can be masculine, independently, of how they were born. This concept is part of the brand’s DNA.

Foto: Diego Velasco

7 one-liners on masculine style from Patricio Campillo

1. Feel comfortable with what you’re wearing
2. That what you bring you transmit and provide security
3. Be aware of the impact generated by the way you see yourself
4. Be aware of the body proportions
5. That the clothes adapt to your life
6. Having a style of your own is something integral: composed of values, it is much more complex and profound
7. Be proud of who you are

Foto: Diego Velasco

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What identifies Patricio Campillo?

I am hard-working, ambitious and I always try to give the best of myself in everything I do.

Foto: Diego Velasco



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