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4 formal dress codes that you should know and put into practice

4 formal dress codes that you should know and put into practice


Dress codes will always give us the guidelines for what awaits us in ceremonies and important events where, protocol, reigns even in the smallest details. Weddings, for centuries, have been crowned as one of the most important celebrations for society: celebrating the union between two people is a reason for meetings between families, friends and others. Being a traditional celebration, there are rules for the formality of the event and, if we talk about formality, of course we refer to what we wear – although there are many more factors. Knowing each of the codes will lead us to make the right choices to be victorious with our assistance.

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Formality Level: Very High

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What to wear: The rules of Black Tie are some of the most strict and neat. The use of black tuxedo with white collar shirt “wing” are indispensable. This shirt is characterized by a reverse fold at the tip of the neck and is exclusively for use with bow ties. This code is also characterized by the almost perfect use of accessories such as: cufflinks, vest and white handkerchief, also being the shoe, a protagonist within the look; the oxford of patent leather is the right one.



Formality Level: High

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What to wear: The format that, possibly, we are more accustomed to see. The use of a full suit in dark color is vital and, although the use of bow ties is optional – because these fit better with the tuxedo – if it is necessary to resort to classic and elegant ties. The ideal colors are black, marine and oxford gray (the darker the better). It is important, also, to make a chromatic balance between the accessories: combine belt with shoes, and these, with the color of the suit.


Formality Level: Medium – High

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What to wear: This label was created to balance the somewhat casual day clothes with more complex garments. These celebrations begin during the afternoon and the use of a full suit – ideal in light colors – does not fail, at all. The color and fabrics may vary, depending on the weather and the place. In this rule we can also resort to Spezzato (HERE we tell you how to apply this technique) making interesting combinations of textiles and colors.

Regarding footwear, the use of polished moccasins is the exact and comfortable option. Shoes with laces are presented in slightly more relaxed formats: suede or dull leather, for example.


Formality Level: Medium


What to wear: Although the word “elegant” only applies, on this label, in a very light, we should not fall into the error of wearing shorts or tennis. For this code it is valid to wear a polo or t-shirt under a friendly color plaid blazer. On the bottom some chinos or tweezers. Finally, the range of shoes extends to loafers, mules and nautical loafers.


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