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Basic tricks to clean your watch and not fail in the attempt

Basic tricks to clean your watch and not fail in the attempt


We bet on more than one occasion you have wondered how to eliminate the dirt that can accumulate on your watch over the days and, worse yet, you have struggled -with a thousand objects- in trying to remove the horrible “lumps” which tend to form between the box and the slits of the watch.

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Sweat, corrosion caused by air effects and pollution; Even the nitrate of the coastal areas affects gradually, but constantly, the effectiveness and wear on the materials of this accessory. Although stainless steel is a tough material that does not tend to scratch, the accumulation of dirt on the outside causes the watch to lose its original shine.

The remains can come together in difficult-to-reach cracks such as in the bevels, details in the bracelets that cause a bad impression, luckily, all this can be solved with these easy tips.


The daily care of the watch is of vital importance to maintain its brightness intact. At the end of the day and as part of the routine, try to add the habit and rub, with a cloth for glasses, the whole structure of the clock.


What the cloth sometimes can not remove is solved by liquid soap. With just one drop and a toothbrush with delicate bristles, lightly cut the bracelet. In the end, dry with a cloth because the soap will be finished with the grease.

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You can use this product on a wool cloth and rub all the details of the watch. Carve over the slits and, when the cloth is almost dry, pass quickly and without pressure on the face of the watch.


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