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Items every businessman must have in his closet

Items every businessman must have in his closet


There are garments in our wardrobe that are distinguished from the rest by their functionality, versatility and ergonomics. This set of basic garments has a very particular power; then, their timelessness allows them to combine with each other, giving us different options, to the degree that we seem to have more clothes of reality.


This selection of garments, specifically, that every business man should have is called a wardrobe background. With them, it will be much easier to make successful combinations, although there is also a rule that regulates their effectiveness. This numerical rule is known as the Code 5,4,3,2,1 and will serve as a reference to create a very effective formal wardrobe background.


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Choosing the perfect shirt should be based on your body structure. Once that, make sure you have at least 5 shirts in your closet. By law, almost absolute, it is necessary to have at least one white shirt and neck tie. At least another blue shirt, some other with discrete stripes, easy to combine, a polo shirt in navy blue or black and a white t-shirt.



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From ties of silk satin or more casual, in knitting, the basic ties are summarized in number four. Choose at least three formal ties in colors such as navy and burnt red, another one with a small print or with stripes, and a much more informal one for occasions that require it.



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Suits are the clothes that distinguish a businessman. The ideal number is 3; Well, with this number you can play with full suits or make combinations between them. It is necessary to have a gray suit, one more in navy blue that can be used for cocktail and day events and, the last, in black for special events at night.


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These 2 kind of SHOES

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Shoes are the reference for combinig suits. It is vital to have, at least, two pairs of quality shoes and oxford design, preferably, to be able to wear them with the suit. A classic black design and another in camel or mahogany color are the perfect ones to mix with the bags.



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Investing in a quality coat, with a timeless and classic design, in addition to choosing the right one, becomes an almost obligatory piece to have in our wardrobe. Making the right choice of a coat is much easier than you think if you follow these tips.


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