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How to support local fashion without failing at it

Last August, while I was seated on a conference call at the Tamayo Museum during the official presentation for #MBFW for its spring/summer 2018 edition, I heard from one of the directors of the biggest biannual event of local fashion, a bg little lie I think of every day while I go out to the streets to get my daily dose of Coca-Cola. The guy said with a whole lotta enthusiasm that we are going through the best time of Mexican fashion (true that) and that we can tell that whenever we step out the streets because mexican fashion is everywhere and everyone’s got something mexa on their closets. That’s so not true, though. Even if his intention was good, I highly doubt the guy at the convenience store that cash those cans of soda is ever wearing some COOT jeans or he’s wearing Mancandy under his uniform or that he’s even interested on the #consumelocal (#buylocal) hashtag on Instagram. Not that he has to, either. Maybe I’m trying to force my view into it, or maybe there’s really no fashion for the people and we all got lots and lots to care about other than the origin of whatever we choose to put on our backs. But what’s all that got to do with this blog of ours? A lot. Rhetorics over consuming local it’s way outta focus and on this note we’ll expose some options to sink our teeth on local fashions without the chauvinism of that young man over Fashion Week after another thoughtful question:
What’s with the offering of products by mexican designers and the promoters of it? Bar some few young talents with a little common sense and a lot of pragmatism (The Pack, Galo Bertin, Anuar Layón), whatever’s left to offer locally it’s a voragine of

a) endless reinterpretations of corporate-wear millenial-deconstruction


b) endless reinterpretations of that sportsy-cholo millenial-deconstruction, which leaves us without options to wear for our day to day even when there’s a lot of daily activities that require a lot of useful and practical clothings that enable us to get to work and chase after the Metrobus without having to look like a bad editorial from Re-Edition Magazine. I’m not implying that trying to push the frontiers of common dressing is a bad thing, but the results are.


If you wish to endulge on local fashion and ti incorporate some interesting and common sense pieces to your wardrobes, we have a list of people and places to find tailor-made suits or fake fur chanclas for the merciless weather of this town:


1: Manov

Pável Hernández, the designer behind sister labels Manov and Varakova defines his work as hybrid tailoring. The best of the offerings are the lightweight jackets good enough for this cold-hot days and those basic dress shirts with a twist.

2: Diego Zúñiga Menswear.

Diego Luna is on the December issue of Quién and stylist Tino Portillo dressed him with this brand of basics with the most affordable prices, as affordable as your favourite fast-fashion retailers. It’s quite easy to go click on their social media to go to the online stores that carry the brand.

3: Weimar Youths.

Here’s where it gets interesting. This brand new brand announces itself on their social media as “Weimar Studio, for all the fucked up children of this world” and, since we all got some of that on us, we can all find something in there to wear. On their social media there’s all the info.


4: Stendhal Store.

Our dear Juan Pablo explains it better on this video he did with Gladys and Regina, the brain and heart of this store located in the main avenue of Polanco, filled with basics and more special pieces from mexa designers meticulously chosen by this girls for our satisfaction. That’s where I got one of my man skirts by H. Héctor de la Peña, fantastic with any shirt and sneakers.

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5: Bazaars and communal sales.

In every edition of trendy bazaar sale such as La Lonja Mercantil and Colectivo Diseño Mexicano there’s enough stands of local design for us to find something for anyone. Also, through this kinda sales, something I heard out of Discovery Home & Health made a lot of sense to me: the most important thing for you to discover what’s your favourite wine is to taste it for yourself and get your own opinion of it. Follow this collectives on Instagram and visit their editions to be, try all the stuff on -because there’s really something for everyone- and say no to the people that try to impose #consumelocal on you!


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