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These beauty tricks can improve your health -more than you think

These beauty tricks can improve your health -more than you think


In the world of male cosmetology there are endless products that benefit visible areas such as skin; Anti-aging creams, hair treatments to achieve an impact hair and serums that manage to obtain a care and hydrated face. New techniques such as male microblading have also opened a niche in the market because, every time, the number of men who care about their health and image is greater. Fortunately for many of us, there are also cosmetic care rituals with extensive benefits. This type of aesthetic treatments can have benefits to our health; much more than we believe.

We summarize a couple of techniques that, due to their complexity, revitalize both externally and internally, with high health benefits.


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The saunas or even hot baths are ideal to improve the texture of the skin, cleaning it any impurities and dead cells, but, in addition to acting as an exfoliant, the hot water baths stimulate and improve blood circulation, favoring the full relaxation of the body and helping, in a considerable way, the functioning of the respiratory system.


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The use of sunscreen is associated directly with vacations and prolonged exposure under the sun, however, its daily use to prevent wrinkles, sunspots and as a protective barrier against UV rays benefit notoriously to health.

Its frequent use reduces oxidative stress in our body, protecting each cell and reducing the risk of diseases such as skin cancer.


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It is the daily and basic cosmetic care that we use in order to avoid dryness and that our skin retains a smooth, hydrated and shiny texture. However, its daily use strengthens the skin (the biggest protective barrier against external agents and bacteria) improving not only the appearance but also our defenses.


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This technique improves the appearance of the skin, reduces centimeters in diameter in different areas of the body -like the abdomen- and tones the skin in soft areas, but, these aesthetic benefits also permeate, positively, in the body. House massage stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation of treated tissues preventing small vascular problems.


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