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5 iconic movie characters that you can dress up on Halloween

5 iconic movie characters that you can dress up on Halloween


The cinema is a magnificent reference to talking about characters that come to life in any film. To such a degree that, these characters, stay with us over the years. Some much more outstanding than others, but, at the end of everything, these characters steal the total leadership leaving the actor in the background. Also, when we talk about an international movie star we relate it to the movie where it got the most popularity.

These roles are used on multiple occasions to honor them at themed parties, stamp them on some t-shirt or take them as the main inspiration for Halloween costumes; winning a game of creativity and originality if we turn to iconic characters within the cinema and prominent in popular culture. Therefore, we summarize some tapes – and interpretations – that have been placed as the favorites of the public despite the years and that we can take as a starting point to disguise ourselves in the next thematic parties – that literally are just around the corner –

JAMES DEAN in Rebel Without a Cause

This 1955 film is considered cultural, historical and remarkably significant because of the aesthetics used. Starring and immortalized by James Dean, his role as “Jim Stark” cataloged him as an icon of teen disappointments and an ambassador of masculine beauty and style.Evoke the star role of Dean can be achieved with a simple white t-shirt to match with jeans of natural color and the emblematic red bomber jacket Do not forget the disheveled crest.

MARLON BRANDO in The Godfather

A mythical tape of the 70s is, The Godfather. Starring a beau of the golden age of Hollywood cinema: Marlon Brando. This film that saw the light in 1972 marked the maximum thrust of Brando’s career, which began to descend. His role as Don Vito Corleone was marked in history: powerful, cruel and a whole capo of the Sicilian mafia are some of the characteristics of this fictional character. Emulate his legacy can be achieved with a classic tuxedo, a rose in the buttonhole of the lapel and a barely noticeable mustache.


Grease for its original title and Vaselina for many Latin American countries; this film is a classic of classics that is still present in our times in innumerable representations of staging. This 1978 musical served to freeze John Travolta in time and name him Danny Zuko. Recreating the style of this character who captivates and who becomes, year after year, a sure bet for any Costume Party is achieved with a good biker jacket, a white shirt, a pair of natural denim jeans, a pair of converse and a great crest with “Grease” included.

MICHAEL J. FOX in Back To The Future

Let’s be honest, your role as Marty McFly is all that we are interested in knowing. His interesting relationship with the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett L. Brown and his travels in time did not alter the story, but if they were sealed, forever, in it. The teenager’s wardrobe is located, quickly, with a blue and white plaid shirt, a denim overshirt and a red vest -the immortal-. The rough tennis shoes in white, of course, can not miss.

AL PACINO in Scarface

Tony Montana is one of the characters that made him climb to the top of Al Pacino’s career, becoming, in this way, one of the most important roles in history. Scarface is placed as a gangster film, par excellence, and locates Tony Montana as a criminal and murderer of strong and violent character. His style is characterized by imitating a dandy with a low profile result; and, to recreate the character, it will be enough to wear a white suit, shirt with open collars on the lapels of the jacket and a cigar – or dark glasses.



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