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How to protect your face for this change of season

How to protect your face for this change of season


For the arrival of the new season not only do we have to be prepared with the trends and key pieces of the season, but also, in a physical way -in our body-. As the days go by, temperatures will begin to fall gradually and it will be imminent that our skin will dry out more intensely and much faster. Reason why, our routine of cares has to take into account, and with greater attention, to this notorious event in the skin.

And it is not only the face that takes charge of low temperatures, but also visible areas such as hands, arms, and, of course, the lips. But to solve these problems or at least minimize them, it is necessary to follow some recommendations, such as the ones listed below.


With the arrival of lower temperatures to those of summer we tend to hydrate less. By drinking less water, our body begins to manifest it through the skin. The hydration of tissues is of the utmost importance, so ingesting water in a normal way will help keep us hydrated from the inside. Added to this, add leafy vegetables and green stems, fruits rich in water; Like watermelon and melon, as well as healthy oils like Omega 3 will be of great help during the fall.


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There are different components of the environment that affect the skin: one of them is the decrease in humidity. This drier climate, added to the cold air, gives rise to a dehydrated, sensitive skin with a tendency to redden and even inflammation. To battle these problems it will be essential to moisturize the skin during our daily activities: creams, balms and serums will be our best allies.


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Cold can cause a vasoconstriction – poor circulation – that will result in a skin that looks “dead”; without vitality and natural brightness. This weak skin can take its natural state if the cells are oxygenated: directly applying creams and anti-aging products – thanks to its collagen components – and in our daily diet with citrus fruits rich in vitamin C.


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