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Must-know terminology for when you’re getting a haircut

Must-know terminology for when you’re getting a haircut


The visits to the barbershop, to give a new appearance to our hair or beard, are, almost by law, one of the most reflective moments of every man: how will I want it this time? Do I take off or leave my beard? I rapo? in short … all questions end up being defined with the response of our head barber; then, with your advice, we end up convinced that the option they tell us will be the ideal one.

On more than one occasion we have hesitated to answer the definitive question – how do you prefer it? – it is almost impossible for us to begin to explain, exactly, what we have in mind, and, to save ourselves, we showed the Pinterest photo to affirm with certainty: like this. However, on many occasions we apply this operation because we can not manifest, like an expert, what we want to be done on our hair and beard. Reason why we have compiled a couple of technical terms to speak and ask for the cut as your a professional in the subject.


Fading is one of the most common terms and, surely, we have all used when referring to our hair. The faded is a technique of gradient in our hair, going from less to more: that is, from very short hair, in the upper part, to a longer one in the part of the neck.

High, Medium and Low Fade:
These terms refer to the extension with which the gradient will start. The higher the choice, the well trimmed part will extend downward; leaving the hair longer as a small darker stripe on the lower part and on the nape of the neck.

Skin Fade:
In this type of cut the hair on the sides and the lower part of the neck are shaved at the skin level, and the length of the hair increases as the skull rises.


It is very common for our barber or hairdresser to ask us for a certain number in a certain area of the hair. These figures refer to the number of combs with which the machine will cut, where, the smaller the digit, the shorter the hair will end.

Approximately you will have a hair of no more than 4mm -if you decide to choose this number-.

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The number three will be the ideal to get a hair not so short and easy to comb and manage.


Links are within the options of a professional barber. Make the temple and beard join or visualize separately; this will depend completely on our choice and the role we want to give the beard.

The gradient of the pins will be joined with the beard in a length equal to that of the hair. What gives a cleaner and aesthetic effect, both in the beard, as in the hair.

Without link:
The pin is marked and ends at the level of the lobe to leave a slight space where the beard begins. This takes its independent path and will be in our choice, give or not, a cut or special form.


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