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Practical guide to know how to use corduroy this fall

Practical guide to know how to use corduroy this fall


One of the most popular fabrics for the cooler seasons of the year, without a doubt, is corduroy. This fabric that traditionally relates to the working classes and more humble of the British countryside of yesteryear, has remained intact over time and its function remains the same: protect us from the cold.

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Corduroy is distinguished by itself by its peculiar anatomy, formed by parallel grooves as a relief on the base of cotton; but, also, it can be wool or a mixture of both. These characteristics make it a heavy fabric that, since always, has been associated with the cold and, of course, the clothes of our parents or grandparents. And, thanks to its functionality and timelessness, they have passed it from generation to generation almost unchanged.

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Pants, sacks and corduroy jackets do not have to be seen as “vintage” garments if we give them the correct upgrade and combine them with pieces that meet our stylistic needs. For this, we leave some basic tips to use corduroy adapted to our generation.


If you choose to choose a blazer, windbreaker or overcoat of corduroy it will be best to combine them with a more urban and smooth fabric, like denim, or some chinos cropped or slim fit. The black color always highlighted when the jacket or sack tends to be camel or almost mustard color. In denim, raw denim, or natural denim, becomes the perfect choice to create a pleasant visual synergy between both garments.


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When it comes to trousers it is important to avoid trousers with tweezers and widths – for, in spite of being the trend of the moment, in this fabric it is better to avoid it – and look like a gentleman of yesteryear. Ideally, look for slim cuts, without falling into the skinny, and combine the pants with a white shirt, or funny t-shirt under a leather jacket or denim jacket. Colors will play the most important role, but you should always consider the tone of the pants.

The object of desire of the season comes from the hand of Sandro with an updated interpretation of a shearling jacket.


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