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Ricardo O’Farrill, a comedian in skinny jeans

It’s not very likely for us to think of stand-up comedians as stylish men, instead we think of them with dad’s jeans, XLarge t-shirts and old jackets. But Ricardo O’Farrill, also known as Richie Is great,besides having a perfect eye to describe the musical successes of the moment, he also has very good taste in choosing special edition sneakers, designer boots and his favorites: skinny jeans. Here is what one of the most unlikely stylish men has to say.

What is the worst look you’ve seen a man wearing?

When they wear like cheap rocker wannabe Johnny Depp boots and tuck in their pants on them

What makes you think about the following (men) trends?

Skinny Jeans: I have been using them since I was 13.

Shirts unbuttoned till the belly button : It makes me sick.

Orange self-tanner: What is this? Jersey Shore?

Gel Hairstyles: You have to know how to use it,I prefer to avoid it.

Platform shoes: I only allow Dr. Martens

Tank tops: You have to be either black or strong, I honestly look like a red neck with one.

Birkenstocks: Cant wait for them to go out of style again.

What is the first thing you think when you see a very well-groomed man?

That I would like to be less lazy to make myself look good more often.

What do you think people think about the way you dress?

I know that many are disturbed by the tightness of my jeans, but I have the coolest printed t-shirts in the world.

If you could only the same look every day, what would it be?

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Air Max/Jordans, black jeans and a t-shirt.

What do you think was the worst and best look you’ve ever used?

Worst look: These neon pants i used to wear during college.

Best look: Boots(I do not agree to have them fucked up, so fuck you Yorsh de Polanco), black jeans and a shirt buttoned up all the way (which I can not always do because I have a huge double chin).

If you could have the style of some other man, who would it be?

Jack White or Aziz Ansari of Master of None.

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Photos: Karla Lisker.

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