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The best collections of Milan Fashion Week FW 19-20

The best collections of Milan Fashion Week FW 19-20


Fashion advances in a fast way. When we are in the middle of winter 18-19, in the main fashion capitals of the planet, the collections for the upcoming Fall-Winter season 19/20 are presented. January, also known as the month of menswear, is responsible for exhibiting to the world the proposals of designers and luxury brands through two emblematic cities in the construction of men’s clothing: Milan and Paris. The first city is a milestone of Italian culture. Milanese fashion has been characterized by the perfection in tailoring techniques in the tailoring (Alta Sartoria) as well as the high quality fabrics that are constructed through traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Prada Fall-Winter 19/20

Although the proposals increasingly cover a greater field of styles; broadening well beyond the classic tailoring, the spirit of high mastery of dress remains fervent to this day. We attended Milan Fashion Week and summarized some of the most outstanding fashion shows.


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With a clear inspiration in science fiction, Miuccia Prada offered her proposal for Fall-Winter 19/20 in a dark setting with a mystical atmosphere. The suits, black and gray oxford, were updated in more complex and sophisticated cuts. The color accents came in the form of knitted sweaters in vibrant tones such as yellow, blue, green and pink. The complements also played a leading role in the collection; in the form of a corset made up of several belts.


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Marni has always distinguished herself from the other Italian firms by possessing a creative and carefree spirit that manifests itself in all her deliveries. For FW 19-20 its Creative Director, Franceso Risso, is once again immersed in the suburban culture created from the legacy of the 70s. The garments in the collection seem to have mutated and evolved into a new youth that moves creatively and explosively. The game of dimensions, the size and the mixture of the prints and the impossible silhouettes are a clear example of this.


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An interesting fusion between the classic and the future; this is how Fendi’s proposal is defined for the next Autumn-Winter. The color palette continues to be similar to that of previous collections: black, nude, a wide range of browns, grays and blues. Logomania is still a strong trend within the Roman firm.


Ver También

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The collection of the firm took place in a reference of Milan: Milano Centrale.

The train station witnessed a version of more delicate formality, but, at the same time, reinterpreted modern man. The industrial inspiration marked some of the main garments of the delivery; as jackets with utility pockets, cargo pants, combat boots and bomber jackets. The outwear influence was fused, in a perfect way, in the sartorial cuts of all the effortless pieces.


Photos: NowFashion

The Caten twins managed to transport us to the 70s, full of ease, hippies, culture but, now, in a scenario similar to the native peoples of Alaska. The anoraks doubled in size and the mixture of optical prints created a musical revolution 2.0 – as if it were a tye-die of the future.


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